Tuesday, December 2, 2014

5 Teeth Happy Foods To Eat NOW!

Hi everyone,

Happy Tuesday to you! Today we wanted to share 5 great 'teeth happy' foods you should try to eat right now! These foods are both great for your teeth and your overall health;
  1. Crunchy foods - apples, celery and carrots help to clean your teeth as you eat them.
  2. Tea - both green and black tea will help to slow the growth of bacteria in your mouth.
  3. Strawberries - with the high level of vitamin C they contain, they help to keep your gums healthy and happy.
  4. Cheese and yogurt - reduce the levels of acid in your mouth to help fight tooth decay.
  5. Milk - drinking milk following a sugary delight helps reduce the levels of acid in you mouth.
For more great 'teeth happy' foods to try - check out the article "Best and Worst Foods for Your Teeth" on www.Health.com.

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